Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oh Boy

This was our ultrasound 14 wks. The pictures aren't the clearest, but still just as cute. The ultrasound tech was very quiet, never said much about what she was doing or seeing. she did comment on how it was all rolled up on it's head. Ha ha my little shusi roll. She did however show us that she thinks it's a boy. She showed me and then showed daniel and she said it wasn't umbilical cord and it wasn't changing as she moved around. So yay...A BOY.

I was so nervous I wasn't gonna have to tell Daniel we were having a girl, but he got his wish and made us a boy. Good job Daniel! We also found out that this little guy is showing that he was a week ahead and measuring at 15 weeks, but they are still keeping me with my original due date of June 20, 2010 14 weeks. We'll show them huh baby. Now we just need to think of a name for you.